Integrated digital signage where caregivers need it most

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A modern, low-cost, sustainable solution for healthcare signage

We help healthcare providers improve safety, care and communication by replacing magnets and paper signs with EMR connected real-time e-signage.

Goodbye magnets and post it notes

Best Practice

Empower your staff with the most up-to-date information where and when they need it most.


An update to any of your data sources automatically updates your Patient Signs eliminating the manual process of updating magnets and papersigns.


Patient Signs connects to your EMR, supply chain and room scheduling software. It is configurable, deploys on premise or in the cloud, and is hyper-secure.

Ease of Use

Patient Signs do not require power connections, wifi, manual configuration, data entry and upkeep.

Easy-to-use central dashboard

Our software seamlessly enables all signs via a central dashboard and custom configuration with leading EMRs and other systems.


We reduce errors, eliminate manual processes and increase safety.

One solution,
multiple applications

Patient Rooms

Real-time, secure clinical and patient information pulled directly from the EHR ensures staff has the most up to date information prior to entering a room:
Patient’s name, language, care team
Precautions, risks and alerts
Patient location
Room condition
QR code for doctor, nurse, and/or patient to scan for latest information
Up to 5 year battery life
No need for power connection, IT updates/upgrades
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Automatically update the infection control precaution signage outside every patient room.
No manual change of flimsy paper signs and magnets
Easy to ready with colors and large iconography
Custom design to support changing/new precaution signage
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Supply, Pharmacy, and Conference

Dynamic signage placed throughout hospital facility configured to supply, pharmacy, room, location or need:
Custom screen configuration, reporting and notifications
Eliminates manual processes and upkeep
Managed centrally through dashboard
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Patient Signs was built by a seasoned team of technology, safety and quality experts at Phoenix Children's. Our goal was to improve patient and staff safety, experience and communications.

Learn more about our success and how you can implement Patient Signs at your facility today.


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